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Are you looking to make your website generate more on line leads or on line local leads using the internet and your web site?

  • Do you need a new website or can your existing site be optimized to generate on line leads?  You need a website evaluation to begin the process of where your search engine visibility ranks and your penetration exposure across the web. 
  • Need more traffic, higher rankings or more on line leads? The answer is you need to increase usability to drive more traffic!  This will get you more conversions and let that traffic increase bring you more leads and cause you to Rank Higher.
  • SEO positions you in the rankings to get more local leads online.  On Line lead Generation and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are the two necessary components to growing your revenue.  Web usability is the key to converting your traffic to contact you and give you the opportunity to earn their business.

  • SEO is about how to rank a site higher while also increasing visitor usability. By better understanding how current traffic uses your site you can guide them to your call to actions and will obtain more local leads results.

  • Generating global on line leads or local on line leads begins with getting you listed on all the local directories, set up on Google Places, Google+, Yahoo Local, Bing Business, social media and Google Webmaster Tools.

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How do we do this:

Higher Rankings Equals More Leads!

Search engines drive nearly 91% of all internet traffic and generate 57% of all e-commerce transactions. It's necessary now more than ever before that your business must include search engine optimization services as a central part of your website's overall business strategy. Whether you are looking for local lead generation for your local demographic or more traffic to your e-commerce site we offer search engine optimization services which will make your site naturally/organically rank higher and increased usability will bring more conversions. i.e. higher rankings equals more traffic and conversions.  Our competitive SEO pricing is tailor made to suit your budget.

Online Local lead Generation:

We have a very successful history of creating large as well as small programs that generate local leads online for multiple targeted demographics.  Online global and local lead generation is about maturing your marketing intimacy in an internet multi media campaign utilizing mixed cross media.  If you are looking to drive global or local leads to your sales force then global and local leads online specialists are who you need. Online local leads through its global and local lead generation processes can produce a return on investment that is well beyond any existing marketing metics for success.  Let us show you how.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not only a science but also a highly intuitive art form. Choosing which keywords to target is essential and is no easy task. Lead generation is dependant upon finding the correct keywords and these keywords are not always the most obvious. Your keywords must be relevant to your brand, product or service, target your ideal customers, and be in demand. Now if all of these align you still have to consider your competition and also consider the competitiveness of the keyword.  Is your current site functional for lead generation or do you have to build a new site. Utilizing a local pay per click campaign to immediately see traffic come to your site is a budget issue we will discuss.  SEO is an ongoing process that requires constant content creation, keyword research, optimization, on page and off page analysis of your keywords and the tedious task of link building. As long as search engines are around, SEO will be too. If you want to tap into the buying power of more than 1 billion unique online web searchers (approximately 89.4 trillion search queries a year), you will need SEO. (see How To Hire The Right SEO)

Most Significant Needs for Business Sites and SEO's to Overcome Today
As you can see above the challenges of obtaining higher search engine rankings to drive more traffic to generate more internet leads grows with increased search activity looking for the right site with the right information.  Higher rankings and quality content deliver usability to the searcher and result in higher conversion rates and lower bounce rates.  The best SEO in the world can get you to the top of the search engines but without the site usability factor being very high giving your users the right information to respond to call to actions, driving tons of traffic to a site does no good.  This is the common mistake most SEO's make.  Usually this is because they don't understand the marketing intimacy about your site's product or service that is necessary to increase usability. Website usability is about your user finding what they want quickly and act on the call to actions thus converting them.

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